Premo Accents 57 gram

Premo Accents all have an extra “effect”, it can be translucency, mica powder or glitter.
The colors named “Pearl” and the ones with metallic names like “Gold” has added mica and work well for mica shift but not so good for caning. Those clays have a nice shimmer.

The clays called “Translucent” let light seep thru but are not entirely clear.  The translucency will be visible after baking and the colors will darken when baked.  These work nice for miniature foods.

Bake in a regular home oven at 130 degrees Celsius.
Correctly baked clay is strong and somewhat flexible under-baked clay will be brittle and break easily.
Make sure to use an oven thermometer. You can find them in this store under the tools miscellaneous category.