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100 gram Karosion Copper


100 gram Karosion Copper


100 gram Karosion Copper

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100 gram Karosion Copper

You will receive a 100-gram jar.

Karosion is a pure copper powder that you apply with your finger or a brush to the surface of your unbaked polymer clay.
Corrode Karosion with a vinegar solution, the recipe is provided with your purchase.
Check out the picture with samples to see what effects can be achieved.
You can make your polymer clay creations look ancient in the matter of a few hours.

After corroding the result is a bit porous so it needs to be protected with varnish or resin.
Do not store the corroded result in a moist environment.

The non-corroded powder is smooth and can be polished with very fine steel wool. The copper powder will never be a shiny copper color bit you can get a nice sheen with the steel wool and you can also undo the corrosion on a flat surface if you polish it with steel wool.

Instructions included.


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