100 gram Swedish Candy “Lördagsgodis”


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100-gram Swedish Candy “Lördagsgodis”

Get some Swedish candy with your order from Hobbyrian 100 grams is approximately equal to 3.53 ounces
The listing is for 100 grams, so if you want more, just buy 2, 3, or as many as you like.

This listing is for what we in Sweden call “pick candy”, a mixed bag picked directly in the store.
Not factory pre-made picks, which means that there is no ingredients list so if you have any bad allergies this is not the candy for you.
You can comment with your preferences “I hate mint” in the checkout and I´ll try to avoid that.

Choose your level of braveness and the amount of candy you want.

Mega Hardcore = A mix of super salty and super sour candy

Hardcore = A mix of sweet, chocolate, sweet and salty licorice,  super salty and super sour candy.

Brave  = A mix of sweet, chocolate, sweet and salty licorice, and sour candy.

Softie = A mix of sweet, chocolate and sweet licorice candy

Whimp = A mix of sweet candy and chocolate

Sweden has a long history of “Lördagsgodis” which means the kids get candy only on Saturdays. “Saturday Candy”
As a kid, you could go to the store and pick out this “Pick candy” candy for an amount specified by your parent.
Now you can experience this on any day of the week.
I will pick out the best for you and, if you ask me, Swedish candy is among the best candy in the world.
I have traveled the world a bit and I haven´t yet found any that measures up to Swedish candy.
I am almost a mega hardcore candy eater myself, I will eat the super salty but I do not like the super sour, my husband likes the super sour so I will pick the best of those according to him.


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