5038 Peacock Pearl Premo


5038 Peacock Pearl Premo 57 gram

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5038 Peacock Pearl Premo 57 gram

Premo is a good all-round clay for both beginner and professional.
Keeps its shape and is strong after baking. 
If your clay becomes hard and crumbly it is not ruined, add a bit softener or liquid clay.
To get even more different colors you can mix your own from the existing ones.
It is also possible to mix different brands of polymer clay, bake then at the highest required temperature.

Bake in a regular home oven at 130 degrees Celsius.
Correctly baked clay is strong and somewhat flexible under-baked clay will be brittle and break easily.
Make sure to use an oven thermometer. You can find them in this store under the tools miscellaneous category.


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