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Accommodation at NPC - 2 nights


Accommodation at NPC – 2 nights


Accommodation at NPC

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Here you buy accommodation if you wish to stay at the site of the workshops.

The cost is 270 SEK per night and this is refundable unlike your ticket. 
You will buy 2 nights at once here in this listing.

You will sleep in one of the bunk beds in the basement of Norges Hus. 
You will have to bring your own bed linen and towels but the pillow and duvet are provided for you. 
you will sleep in a room with several bunk beds.
There is access to showers, toilets and a fully equipet kitchen. Everything is very nice and clean. 

Good value for your money.
The event is 14-15 of March 2020
Tickets for the event is sold separately.

Location: Norges hus – Gothenburg- Sweden

There will be 2 workshops:

Carved Koi Bracelet with Donna Kato

Breaking it Down in a collabiration with Karolina SöderbergTanja Wahlgren och Cara Jane Hayman


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