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Star the Elephant

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Star the Elephant

Meet Star the elephant, she does not believe in purple grass.
Approx 15 cm tall and the base is approx 15 cm in diameter.
She is handmade from polymer clay and one of a kind.

What does it mean that she does not believe in purple grass?
Well, in an attempt to explain to m small children that it does not matter how many times an untruth is repeated it will NEVER become the truth.
Somebody can, for instance, say, “You are stupid!”, that is of course not true but a child could eventually believe it if it is repeated many times.

So to get my kids to understand this I asked them:
“If I say that the grass is purple, would you believe me?”
“Noooo, mommy the grass is green!”
Men för få dem förstå frågar jag dem:
“But if I say it many times? Then you have to believe me?”
“Nooo, we can see that it is green”
“Exactly, it does not matter how many times an untruth is repeated, it will never change it to become the truth so never believe people when they say stupid things!”

So here she is, Star, sitting on the grass. The other elephants are telling her that she is not at all a star but she knows better.
She does not believe in purple grass, she knows she is a star and she knows she is valuable.
The purple grass can’t touch her as long as she does not believe, under her is only green grass.
She knows her value!

She is the perfect decoration for a child’s room and a reminder to the child about being valuable and to never believe in purple grass.



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