Ticket for NPC 2022 Online – Early bird price until 30/9 2021


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Ticket for NPC 2022 Online – Early bird price until 30/9 2021

The ticket is NOT refundable. Please read all the information!
Buy this ticket if you want to participate online, if you want to come to Gothenburg you need to buy the Gothenburg ticket.

It is time for the seventh annual event of Nordic Poly Camp
2 full days 12-13 March 2022

Location Online – Zoom 

Online ticket for you that will be using the app Zoom. The app does not cost anything. Hobbyrian will take care of that. 

Zoom is a very simple and user-friendly app for video conferences that you can use from either computer, phone, or tablet, both Android and Ios.

You are expected to have the basic clay and tools at home to participate in the event. The basic tool is for instance a pasta machine, knife, tissue blade, ruler, oven thermometer, and needle tool. Well, you know what tools you use. You will need some translucent clay along with a half package of 2 colors of your choice.
With the online ticket, you will not have to travel or live in a hotel but you will also not be able to get one on one personal assistance since participants that are on-site will get that attention.
Recordings from the event will be available for you online until the end of March and there will also be a Facebook group where you can post questions during that time.
You will not receive any clay for the workshop, you have to provide that yourself.

Further and more detailed instructions will be emailed to you closer to the date.
When you buy your ticket, you will get an order confirmation email and later a “completed order” email, which is your ticket and confirmation. You are after that on MY list and will not receive any further confirmation.

There will be 1 workshop over 2 days. And the teacher is the very talented Inge Abrahamsen 
The workshop will be in English.

We will create a small box entirely out of polymer clay.
The box will be decorated on the inside and the lid will fit well.
On the first day, we will focus on the construction of the box and keep the decoration simple.
On the second day, you can work with alternative use of the same box shape.
If you wish to, you can create an inro or a hinged box, or you can work on alteration of the decoration or the shape of the box – as time permits.
This is also a good chance to use a piece of veneer that didn’t really turn out as well as you hoped or where the color scheme isn’t really fit for jewelry.

The same rules as always apply, as soon as you paid for your ticket your spot in the event is secured.
The fee is not refundable.
One ticket per PERSON, if you are several people that participate using the same device, every single person will have to buy a ticket.



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