Your Custom designed Stencil


Your Custom designed Stencil

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Your Custom designed Stencil

Design your own stencil, the size is about 10×14,5 cm but if you want another size, send a message before your purchase

Read the following text carefully

This is how it is done:

1. Buy this start fee

2. Send your design to kontakt(@) , remove () they are only there to protect the address from bots.
It can be almost any format, a photo, pdf, and so on but make sure that the design you send in is the actual design that you want and that it is suitable ffor a stencil
So that the pattern is connected to the stencil after it is cut out.

3. Wait, your stencil will be shipped when it is ready. manufacturing time is about 1 week.

Very small details or details very close o one another are not suitable, make sure that there is a little bit of spacing between the patterns.

For a pattern to be under copyright laws it needs to be very unique One can not hold copyright on a heart or a cloud for instance. It is your responsibility to make sure that the pattern is not copyrighted and obvious violation for instance a Mickey silhouette will be rejected.
Obscene gestures/symbols or foul language are so rejected.

If you ordered other things at the same time as your stencil, they will be shipped together with your stencil.


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