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Your design - Signature stamp


Your design – Signature stamp


Your design – Signature stamp

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Your design – Signature stamp

You can now design your own signature stamp for professionally signing your clay creations. 

Read all of the following text carefully!

This is how it is done:

  1. Purchase a stamp  – “Your design – Signature stamp”
  2. Send a picture of your design to kontakt@hobbyrian.se and tell us your measurements. We will make your stamp as close to your measurements as possible but it may differ a bit.
  3. Wait, you stamp will be made and sent to you within 1-2 weeks of time. In any case of a problem with your design we will contact you and work out a solution. 

Included in the price is 1 stamp of your desired design.
The stamp is for personal use only. It can not be sold to another person. 

The stamp has a handle for easy handling. Color may vary.
 Largest size is 20 cm and the smallest size depends partly on your design but it is about 2 cm. With a simpler design it can be smaller and with a more complicated design, bigger.

Note that the design you send us is the design you will get wo if you draw a wonky heart you will get just that. So make sure that the designs you send really looks like you want them to.

The stamp is 3d printed and small imperfections can occur and are usually removed before shipping but if we miss something you can easily sand them off with a 1000 grid sandpaper. 
To get the most out of your stamp, clean it after every use and never wash it in the dishwasher that will ruin the stamp.

The stamp are not suitable for paper, it is made for use with clay. 

If you order other items together with your cutters they will be sent out when the cutters are ready. 
If you want any other items to be sent out immediately you need to place 2 separate orders. 


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