Your design – Start fee including 1 cutter


Your design – Start fee including 1 cutter

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Your custom-designed cutter  including 1 cutter

You need to read all of the following information carefully.

1 design means 1 shape of the cutter. Different sizes of the same shape do not count as different designs.

This is how it works.

  1. Buy and pay for a starter’s fee. “Your design – Start fee including 1 cutter”
  2. If you need more than 1 cutter then buy the right amount of “Your custom-designed cutters – extra cutters”
  3. Send your design and height measurement to kontakt(@), Please remove the ( ) it is there to protect the address from bots
    It can be a sketch or a picture. Most formats will work but not Word documents or PDFs. We will make the cutter as close to your measurements as possible but it can differ a bit.
  4. Now you wait and your cutter will be made and sent to you, manufacturing time is about 2 weeks. 

You can get at most 1 design/shape with this starter fee. If you need several different designs then take a look at the very economical 1-year fee that includes 10 different designs and 10 cutters.
You can always come back and buy additional cutters (“Your design. extra cutters”) of the same design. This is as long as no other changes besides size are made to your design. 

The fee is for personal use only. It can not be transferred to another person and the cutters can not be commercially sold.

Cutters are made with thin walls and usually with a sharp cutting edge. 1-2 cm in height and color may vary.
Very intricate-shaped cutters may come out with a blunt edge, if they have many sharp angles it is difficult to get a sharp edge, like a maple leaf for instance.

The largest size is 10 cm and the smallest size depends partly on your design but it is about 2 cm. With a simpler design, it can be smaller than 2 cm, and with a more complicated design, larger.
It is possible to do a cutter that is larger than 10 cm, but that will cost extra so if you want a bigger cutter, please send us an email first.

The cutter is 3d printed so small imperfections can occur and are usually removed before shipping but if we miss something you can easily sand it off with a 1000-grid sandpaper. 
To get the most out of your cutter, clean it after every use, and never wash it in the dishwasher which will ruin the cutter.

Also, remember that the design you send us is the design you will get so if you draw a wonky heart you will get just that. Make sure that the designs you send really look the way you want. 

You will never get exclusive rights to a shape, You can not copyright a circle, the moon, or a heart.
We will never reveal your design to others. 

If you order other items together with your cutter they will be sent out when the cutter is ready. 
If you want any other items to be sent out immediately you need to place 2 separate orders. 

We decline any designs including profanity, obscenity, discriminating, and religious symbols or words.


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