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Nu har du chansen att gå inte mindre än 2 workshops med Maggie Maggio, drottningen av färg!

Du kan välja att vara med på bara en av dem. Du köper din biljett hos Hobbyrian. Klicka bara på länken här under.

Det finns ett vandrarhem, Trosa Vandrarhem,5 minuters gångväg från workshopen. 0156-12142
Det finns ett antal rum reserverade till ”Kolormondo” så du får själv ringa och boka ditt rum och säga att du vill ha ett Kolormondo-rum (från 695 kr/natt). Det finns även billigare alternativ (från 475kr/natt) på samma vandrarhem som inte är reserverade men du kan så klart välja själv.
Vill du hellre på bo hotell så finns det antal hotell att välja på i Trosa.
Allt boende bokas i egen regi.


Inspiration from the Third Dimension 

2 dagars workshop med Maggie Maggio – Drottningen av färg.

Datum: 28-29 Maj 2019
Plats: Skärborgarnas hus, Smäckbrogatan 25 – Trosa

I priset ingår 2 dagars workshop med lättare lunch bägge dagarna.
I priset ingår också en liten färgglob ”Kolormondo”.
Leran ingår bara om sponsor hittas annars tillkommer även en liten kostnad för lera.

Maggie Maggio är en av författarna till boken Polymer Clay Color inspirations och att gå en workshop med henne är en fantastisk möjlighet som du inte vill missa.
Maggie Maggio is an architectural designer, artist and art educator who has studied and worked with color for over forty years. Her personal explorations into the science of light and pigments led to the creation of workshops for artists and designers who want to incorporate the latest research in color science into their creative practice.
This workshop combines a color class on the three dimensions of color with a project class that focuses on exploring the amazing sculptural (3D) capabilities of polymer clay.

One of the most important tools you will take away from this workshop is a color globe to help you understand the fascinating world of color relationships. Every student will receive a Mini Color Globe by Kolormondo and learn how to use the three-dimensions of color to choose a palette and control the mood and message of your art. After making a collage and mixing a custom palette, students will use Maggie’s Color Wash technique to hand sculpt a neckpiece similar to the one shown in the photo.

Color is an integrated system of both light and pigment. With some practice, it’s not too hard to learn how to travel comfortably between these two worlds.

Forget the rules. We will start by going back to kindergarten and play with polymer clay using Cyan, Magenta and Yellow instead of the classic Red, Yellow and Blue primary colors.

After experimenting with modern color mixing in polymer clay, we will go deeper into the world of color exploration by looking through a prism, mixing color in light, and then mix a color blend in polymer clay to use for the project. Maggie will demonstrate the basics of her signature ColorWash technique as you make your neckpiece.

The adventure continues with explorations of your unique sense of color. On the second day, you will make a personal color collage, create a customized palette, and learn how to use 3D color relationships to develop your color voice . As you play with combining colors, Maggie will demonstrate variations of the ColorWash technique for you to explore in class and at home.

You will leave with a better understanding of the complexity of color and many new tools continuing your explorations of the interconnected system of light and pigment that is at the heart of 21st Century Color.  My goal is that you go back to your studio feeling more comfortable with using color intuitively and more willing to use it adventurously!

Materials Provided: LEDs, Mini Color Globes
Students Bring: Pasta machine, work surface, blade, roller, make-up brush. Note: Long fingernails make the pinching technique difficult to control.


Color Inspirations 2.0: Testing the New Metallics

1 dags workshop med Maggie Maggio – Drottningen av färg.
Datum: 30 Maj 2019
Plats: Skärborgarnas hus, Smäckbrogatan 25 – Trosa

Color Inspirations” is 10 years old in 2019! This seminal book came out in the summer of 2009 and over the years has become a classic reference for polymer artists and anyone interested in learning about color using polymer clay.

If you have not had the chance to sit down and do the exercises and projects in the book now is your chance.

Come spend the day with co-author Maggie Maggio as she guides you through the second chapter in the book “Understanding the Three Properties of Color” while testing the 14 colors of the new Cernit Metallics.

Once you go through the exercises and make a variation of the first project in the book, you will be excited to jump into color testing and explorations in any brand of clay and in any medium!

The Exercises:
Exercise 1: Package Color Testing
Exercise 2: Value Sorting
Exercise 3: Mixing Pivot Tiles

The Project:
The project will be a new variation of the pivot beads project in Chapter 2 – Pivot Bracelets! Learn how to use Maggie’s signature ColorWash technique with striped canes to make a collection of bracelets in the limited palette of the metallic clays.

Practicing Color Scales:
While the bracelets are curing, Maggie will take you through the first part of Chapter Five of the book “Mixing Colors That Flow” and demonstrate the steps of making Color Scales in polymer clay. They are gorgeous in the metallics and much easier than it looks in the book!

You will be able to make at least one color scale in class. Warning: Making color scales can be addictive!

Materials Provided: Polymer clay, square cutters, bamboo skewers, bracelet forms
Students Bring: Pasta machine, work surface, blade, roller, make-up brush.

Class Length: One Day. Six hours of instruction.

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