About Hobbyrian

Hobbyrian started out as a private blog in August 2010 and became a business with a store.

The owner is me Karolina Söderberg and I have help from my husband Björn, he is the one that makes lovely cutters and stamps. 
have been using clay since I was a teenager and since 2009 polymer clay has been to only medium for me, 

My thought when I first started the blog and later the store was to make polymer clay and information about it more accessible to all the clayers in Sweden and the rest of Scandinavia. So we no longer were dependent on ordering from abroad. 

My goal is to have a variety, have good prices, and send off orders quickly. 

That is achieved by eliminating middle hands and also by keeping costs down.

You pay the actual shipping cost instead of paying for a hidden shipping cost on the products. 
That way you can choose if you want to save a little or a lot when ordering from Hobbyrian
Whenever the cost of shipping is included in the price of the products (which is always the case whenever “free shipping” is offered) you will often pay more than the actual shipping cost. 

The effort of keeping the costs down goes hand in hand with environmental thinking.
For instance, all packing material is re-used. The same goes for boxes and envelopes as far as it is possible. 

If you have any questions don´t hesitate to ask. Just email me at kontakt(@)hobbyrian.se , remove the ().
And if you are Scandinavian then head on over to the Facebook group Polymerlera för Skandinaver (for Scandinavian clayers only) 

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