Premo and Sculpey

Premo is a good allround clay.
It is quite soft and still keeps its hape before and during baking.
Durable after baking.
Premo is a popular choice for many and especially for those that have chronic pain.
Good clay for beginners.

Premo Accents have the same properties as regular Premo but has different effects like translucency, mica or glitters.

Living Doll Super Sculpey är is for doll making and comes in 3 different skin tones.

Super Sculpey is suitable for sculptures, it can be painted but use acrylic paint of good quality or there is a big chance that the paint won´t dey as with any kind of polymer clay.
Used by many professional sculptures.
It comes in three different grades of hardness.
It is not the strongest polymer clay after baking so it is best to use it only for sculptures that won´t be handled.

Sculpey Ultra Light is lightweight clay that can be used as a bead core to reduce weight or in any other project that requires a lighter clay.
The clay is white and very soft.

Premo and Sculpey clays bakes at 130 Celcius.
It is possible to mix different brands of polymer clay. Bake at the highest recommended temperature.