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Slicer – Hobbyrian

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Slicer – Hobbyrian

This is a simple slicing guide for slicing polymer clay canes.
A slicer that you can travel with.

The base is 9×5,5 cm, height 4,5 cm and the opening for your can is 4×4 cm

The base has a slot that is meant for a card stock paper so you can push your cane forward.
You can also add markings on the cardstock that helps with making even slices.

The card stock paper will also protect the base of the slicer from the sharp blade (blade is not included).
You have to use a sharp blade to slice your cane. Insert the blade into the guide and slice.

As the slicer does not take up much space, you can have it on your table at all times and also travel with it.
There are professional tools to do the job but the cost is high and they take up lots of space.

So this one is perfect if you don´t make so many canes but still have difficulties (like me) slicing the canes.

This slicer is designed by Hobbyrian and 3d printed.
Color may vary.


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