Coarse Sugar/Salt for miniatures 60 gram


Coarse Sugar/Salt for miniatures 60 gram

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Coarse Sugar/Salt for miniatures 60 gram

Sugar imitation of sand.
Sand that imitates nib sugar or salt on your miniature sweets and other food. Perfect for pretzels.
It shimmers just like real sugar and salt.
You can check the picture with examples from Zinmark miniatures and also the close-up.
Since this is a natural product, there are specks of a darker color, those can be removed from your miniatures.

Bake your miniature food first, then apply some Fimo Liquid gel with a brush and sprinkle on the sugar. Then bake again.
Since the sand does not adhere permanently to the clay, you need the liquid clay so it can “grab on” to the sand particles.
You could use any liquid clay but the Fimo Liquid clay is very transparent and therefore suitable for this.


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